The 15 Best Books For Summer Reading

Welcome fellow bookworms to our first blog on beach reads this year! Here you’ll find the 15 best books for summer reading. There’s plenty of romance, some smut, a bit of heartbreak, new beginnings, and even a book that touches on the topic of grief after the loss of a parent.

Summer Reading Is The Best Kind Of Reading!

Summer is the perfect time for those of us who love to soak up the sun’s rays and enjoy a good book—or two, sometimes three or four. Yes, I can easily get carried away with the thought of lounging by the pool or the beach and losing myself in a great story. The kind of stories that eat up hours of your day without you even realising it. That’s why I put so much effort into researching the perfect summer reads. For the past few weeks, I’ve been reading reviews and researching, trying to curate the ideal combination of summer-themed books. And honestly, I personally think this is a great list with some amazing books, some of which I’ve already added to my Summer TBR list.

As we have done in previous years, we will soon publish our summer reading list, The Thriller/Mystery Edition, for those of you who would rather be sitting on the edge of your towel, and turning pages like your life depends on it. 

Also, keep an eye out for my own personal Summer Fantasy TBR list. While I have already added some romance and thrillers to my list, I’m mostly looking forward to getting lost in some good old-fashioned fantasy. (You know me, I’m a fantasy kinda girl).

So, let’s get to it, it’s a long one so grab a cuppa and enjoy!

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 Funny Story – Emily Henry

The 15 Best Books For Summer Reading
Funny Story by Emily Henry –
The 15 Best Books For Summer Reading

Known as the queen of rom-coms, Emily Henry’s latest book, Funny Story, tops our list. This feel-good tale is packed with wit and hilarious moments, making it a must-read.


Daphne always loved how Peter narrated their story. That is until it turned into the prologue to his real love story with his childhood best friend, Petra.

This is how Daphne finds herself sharing a room with her complete opposite and the only person who truly understands her predicament: Petra’s ex, Miles.

As expected, it’s not a match made in heaven—until one night, fueled by tequila, they hatch a plan. If it involves posting misleading photos of their adventures together, who could blame them?

But it’s all just for show, of course. There’s no way Daphne would start her new chapter by falling in love with her ex-fiancé’s new fiancée’s ex… right?

Just For The Summer – Abby Jimenez

The 15 Best Books For Summer Reading
Just For The Summer by Abby Jimenez –
The 15 Best Books For Summer Reading

I’ve never read any of Abby Jimenez’s previous works, but the synopsis of ‘Just For The Summer’ has me intrigued. Based on the reviews, it promises to be an incredible read. Though it’s part of her ‘Other Worlds’ series, the author assures new readers that it’s not necessary to read the first two instalments. I’m giving this one a go and hope to add the rest of her work to my TBR list.


Justin has a curse, and thanks to a viral Reddit thread, everyone knows about it: every woman he dates finds their soul mate immediately after they break up. When a woman with the same issue messages him, they devise a plan: they’ll date and then break up, hoping their curses will cancel each other out so they can find true love. It’s a crazy idea… but it just might work.

Emma didn’t expect her next assignment as a travelling nurse to be in Minnesota, but she and her best friend agree that dating Justin is an opportunity too good to miss—especially when they can rent an adorable cottage on a private island on Lake Minnetonka.

It’s meant to be a brief fling, just for the summer. However, when Emma’s toxic mother arrives and Justin has to take care of his three siblings, they find themselves dealing with much more than anticipated—including developing real feelings for each other. Could it be that Fate has finally brought the perfect pair together?

Not In Love – Ali Hazelwood

The 15 Best Books For Summer Reading
Not In Love by Ali Hazelwood –
The 15 Best Books For Summer Reading

If you’ve read any of my book reviews, you’ll know that Ali Hazelwood has become an automatic author buy for me. Her books always make me smile and sometimes laugh out loud at the most inappropriate moments. I recently read her latest book, ‘Bride’ (review coming in a few weeks), and I absolutely loved it. Ali has a knack for hooking you in, which is exactly what you want in a ‘sunbathe by the pool’ kind of book.

This title will be released on June, 11th 2024


Rue Siebert may not have it all, but she has enough: a few reliable friends, the financial stability she longed for as a child, and a successful career as a biotech engineer at Kline, a promising start-up in food science. Her world is stable, pleasant, and hard-earned—until a hostile takeover and its irresistibly attractive frontman threaten to bring it all crashing down.

Eli Killgore and his business partners want Kline, no exceptions. Eli has his own reasons for pushing this deal through, and he’s a man who usually gets what he wants. Except when it comes to Rue—the woman he can’t stop thinking about, and the one who’s off-limits.

Caught between loyalty and an undeniable attraction, Rue and Eli throw caution to the wind, both in the lab and the boardroom. Their affair is secret, with no strings attached, and bound by a deadline: the day one of their companies will prevail. But the heart is a risky business, and it plays for keeps.

Malibu Rising – Taylor Jenkins Reid

The 15 Best Books For Summer Reading
Malibu Rising by Taylor Jenkins Reid –
The 15 Best Books For Summer Reading

‘Malibu Rising’ has been on my TBR list for a long time, ever since I read ‘The Seven Husbands of Evelyn HugoI breezed through it in just a few days (you can find my review here). Will this be the summer I finally dive in? I think so.


In August 1983, anticipation reaches a fever pitch as Nina Riva’s annual end-of-summer party approaches. Everyone who is anyone wants to be around the famous Riva siblings: surfer and supermodel Nina, brothers Jay and Hud, and their beloved baby sister Kit. As the children of legendary singer Mick Riva, the siblings captivate Malibu and the world.

By midnight, the party will spiral out of control.

By morning, the Riva mansion will be engulfed in flames.

But before that first spark ignites in the early hours of dawn, the alcohol will flow, the music will play, and the loves and secrets that shaped this family will bubble to the surface.

Seven Summers – Paige Toon

Seven Summers by Paige Toon –
The 15 Best Books For Summer Reading

I really enjoyed Paige Toon’s ‘Only Love Can Hurt Like This’. (Read my review here)  What I loved the most was the fact that it wasn’t brimming with the kind of smut that is so current right now. 

Seven Summers is described as an epic love story, which is why this book is a strong contender to be one of my first summer reads this year. 


In Paige Toon’s stunning new novel, two epic love stories intertwine, leading to one impossible choice.

Six summers ago, Liv and Finn met while working in a bar on the rugged Cornish coastline, their futures brimming with promise. But a night of passion ends in devastating tragedy, binding them together inexorably. Despite Finn’s life being in LA with his band and Liv’s in Cornwall with her family, they make a pact: Finn will return every year, and if they’re both single, they’ll spend the summer together.

This summer, Liv encounters Tom—a mysterious newcomer to her hometown. As wildflowers and heather bloom, they find themselves falling for each other. For the first time, Liv dares to imagine a world where her heart isn’t broken every year.

Now, Liv faces an impossible choice. And when she uncovers the shocking reason for Tom’s departure from home, she must trust her heart even more.

Lessons In Chemistry – Bonnie Garmus

Lessons In Chemistry by Bonnie Garmus –
The 15 Best Books For Summer Reading

Lessons In Chemistry is a multi-million bestseller and winner of numerous awards including the Goodreads Choice Best Debut Novel Award. So why have I not yet read it? Too many books, not enough time. 

However, I am determined to finally dive in this summer. No excuses. I have owned this book for two years now, I think it’s time. 


Elizabeth Zott, a chemist ahead of her time, refuses to conform to society’s expectations in the early 1960s. Despite her groundbreaking work at Hastings Research Institute, her all-male team’s archaic views on gender equality force her to resign. Reluctantly, she becomes the host of a cooking show, *Supper at Six*. However, her scientific approach to cooking, coupled with rational commentary, captivates the nation.

As she challenges conventional culinary norms, overlooked housewives are inspired to challenge the status quo, one molecule at a time.

This Summer Will Be Different – Carley Fortune

This Summer Will Be Different by Carley Fortune –
The 15 Best Books For Summer Reading

While scrolling through TikTok (where I discover so many books for my TBR), I stumbled upon this book. The forced proximity and summer romance trope instantly grabbed my attention. It will be my first time reading a book by Carley Fortune, and I can’t wait to dive in.


The first time Lucy and Felix met, she was vacationing on Prince Edward Island. While he showed her more than just the beaches, their electric night should have become a distant memory when she discovered his true identity as her best friend Bridget’s brother.

Each year, Lucy and Bridget return for a summer escape, and Lucy vows not to end up in Felix’s arms, but resisting him is easier said than done.

Not this year, though. With Bridget facing the biggest crisis of her life, Lucy must join her for one last trip to the island.

But Felix’s demeanour has changed. Lucy finds herself drawn to something new, something more, and she begins to question just how safe her heart truly is.

Summer At The Santorini Bookshop – Rebecca Raisin

Summer At The Santorini Bookshop by Rebecca Raisin –
The 15 Best Books For Summer Reading

Santorini is part of my summer vacation plans this year, which is why I’ve added this book to my TBR. And with the word “bookshop” in the title, it’s an irresistible lure for me. This one is definitely a must-read.


After losing her job as a book scout, Evie, a hopeless romantic, craves a fresh start. When she learns that her eccentric grandmother has acquired a small bookshop in Santorini, Evie seizes the opportunity to visit her.

However, life on the island is far from idyllic. Gran’s tumultuous relationship with her landlord puts the bookshop in jeopardy. To appease the family, Gran asks Evie to fake date Georgios, her landlord’s handsome grandson—a Greek God in his own right.

As Evie’s Greek holiday draws to a close, she faces the challenge of saving the bookshop while navigating a fake romance. Can she succeed and perhaps find real love along the way?

The Secret Beach – Veronica Henry

The Secret Beach by Veronica Henry –
The 15 Best Books For Summer Reading

After reading and loving Veronica Henry’s A Country Christmas a few years ago, it was only natural to include ‘The Secret Beach’ in this blog.

This romance, filled with secrets and set against the beautiful backdrop of a Cornish beach, is the perfect read for a summer day by the sea.


Nikki finally owns the little coastguard cottage of her dreams, just steps away from the hidden beach that means so much to her.

However, when a handwritten note lands on her doorstep, she realises it’s only a matter of time before the heartbreaking truth of her past is revealed.

Twenty years ago, a terrible storm turned her world upside down in the small seaside town of Speedwell.

Since that night, Nikki has kept a secret—one that could destroy the lives of those she loves most.

Because, as sure as the tide turns, there are no secrets in a small town…

The Wedding Dress Repair Shop – Trisha Ashley

The Wedding Dress Repair Shop by Trisha Ashley –
The 15 Best Books For Summer Reading

Trisha Ashley, the queen of romance novels, never disappoints. I’ve read several of her books and always enjoyed them. The title of her latest book caught my eye while browsing in Morrisons, and I couldn’t resist picking it up.

It’s a tale of heartbreak, new beginnings, and lost love—what’s not to love?


After losing her fiancé and her dream job in the same week, Garland Fairford’s life is turned upside down.

Through her work as a historical costumier, Garland recently met a long-lost relative, Honey Fairford. When Honey reveals she’s opening a Wedding Dress Museum in Lancashire, Garland, with nothing to lose, accepts the job offer.

What she doesn’t expect is to encounter a ghost from her past—her old friend Thom, who mysteriously disappeared years ago.

As Garland delves into the stories behind each beautiful wedding dress and works on repairing both the dresses and her relationship with Thom, she begins to wonder if this could finally be her chance for a happily ever after.

One Italian Summer – Rebecca Serle

One Italian Summer by Rebecca Serle
The 15 Best Books For Summer Reading

While researching books to include in this blog, I came across ‘One Italian Summer’. Although I haven’t read any of Serle’s previous works, the synopsis immediately resonated with me.

Having experienced the loss of a parent myself, I felt compelled to add this tale to my summer list. Not every page-turner has to be a romance or a thriller; sometimes, we need to reconnect with stories we can relate to. I have a feeling this book will draw me in and keep me turning pages until the end. It’s a definite addition to my summer TBR list.


When Katy’s mother, Carol, dies, Katy is left reeling from the loss. Carol had been her best friend and anchor, and they had been so close to fulfilling their dream of travelling to Positano together.

Feeling untethered and unable to connect with anyone, Katy makes a rash decision. To keep her mother’s memory close, she follows in a young Carol’s footsteps and flies to Italy alone.

Katy expects a holiday steeped in grief but finds more comfort than she anticipated. Then, in a sharp twist of fate, Carol’s past and Katy’s present collide, leaving Katy to wonder if she ever truly knew her mother at all.

The Summer Swap – Sarah Morgan

The Summer Swap by Sarah Morgan –
The 15 Best Books For Summer Reading

I’m a sucker for stories where unlikely friendships form, and this book delivers just that. It seems like the perfect summer read, so without a doubt, I had to include it in our summer TBR list. 


Cecilia Lapthorne had vowed never to return to Dune Cottage, so she’s the most surprised when she escapes her seventy-fifth birthday party to return to the remote Cape Cod cottage—a place brimming with memories. Some are good, especially those early days with her husband, the volatile artist Cameron. But there are also memories she’s shared with no one.

Aspiring artist Lily, who dropped out of medical school and is cleaning houses on the Cape to get by, feels guilt-ridden for disappointing her parents. Dune Cottage, unoccupied for years, seems like the perfect place to hide and heal—until Cecilia unexpectedly arrives. Despite an awkward beginning, Lily accepts Cecilia’s invitation to stay as her guest, and a flicker of kinship sparks between them.

Then Todd, Cecilia’s grandson and Lily’s unrequited crush, shows up, sending a shockwave through their unlikely friendship. Will Lily find the courage to live the life she wants? Can Cecilia finally let go of the past and find a new future? Just as the tide erases past footprints, this summer offers both Cecilia and Lily the chance to exchange old dreams for new ones.

You Are Here – David Nicholls

You Are Here by David Nicholls-
The 15 Best Books For Summer Reading

While this story doesn’t seem to have a summer vibe to it, it has been recommended to me several times. I figured, why not? A good read is a good read, regardless of the setting.

Plus, with the great reviews I’ve read, it’s another sure read for my TBR.


Sometimes you need to get lost to find your way.

Marnie is stuck, working alone in her London flat, battling long afternoons, and feeling like life is passing her by.

Michael is unravelling, reeling from his wife’s departure, and becoming increasingly reclusive as he takes long, solitary walks across the moors and fells.

When a persistent mutual friend and some very English weather conspire to bring them together, Marnie and Michael find themselves embarking on the most epic of walks and standing on the precipice of a new friendship.

But can they survive the journey?

In ‘You Are Here’, beloved bestseller David Nicholls presents a novel of first encounters, second chances, and finding the way home.

Wild Love – Elsie Silver

Wild Love by Elsie Silver-
The 15 Best Books For Summer Reading

You know I’m going to throw in some steamy reads! Elsie Silver, author of the Chestnut Springs series (which, at the time of writing this, I’m devouring), writes the kind of smut that keeps you turning the pages and completely oblivious to the world around you.

Her new series, Wild Love, promises another dose of small-town romance, and I cannot wait to dive in.


She’s been driving him wild for years . . . the good kind of wild.

The kind of wild that comes with wanting your best friend’s little sister and knowing you can’t have her.

While Forbes may have labelled Ford Grant the World’s Hottest Billionaire, all he cares about is escaping the press and opening a recording studio in the gorgeous small town of Rose Hill. However, those dreams come to a screeching halt when he ends up face-to-face with a young girl, claiming he’s her biological father. So now, he spends his days balancing business with parenting a moody twelve-year-old, all while trying desperately to keep his hands off his best friend’s sister, Rosie Belmont.

After living in the city, Rosie arrives back in town like a storm on the verge of shaking everything up. Beautiful, messy, and chaotic. And one wide-eyed, desperate plea for a job is all it takes for Ford to hire her. He vows to maintain a cautious distance from her.  Tries to stick to scowls and grumpy one-liners. But with her, verbal sparring is a type of foreplay―friction that soon turns to blistering heat.

Ford knows damn well he shouldn’t cross this line. But shouldn’t and can’t are two very different things.

And the only thing he truly can’t do is resist her.

Confessions Of A Forty-Something F####P – Alexandra Potter

Confessions of a forty-something F##kup by Alexandra Porter-
The 15 Best Books For Summer Reading

The only book on this list that I’ve already read, and I cannot recommend it enough. It was one hell of a ride, tugging at my heartstrings while making me laugh out loud. As a forty-something-year-old woman myself, I found myself relating to many of the feelings and emotions of the main character. Although not explicitly based on a summer theme, I still believe this book should be part of every woman’s summer TBR.

You can find my review here!


A book for women questioning how life led them here and why it’s not as imagined. Nell’s life is a mess in a world of perfect Instagram images. Amid everyone making gluten-free brownies, she starts a secret podcast and forms an unlikely friendship with Cricket, an eighty-something widow. Determined, Nell vows that things will be different next year, but first, she has a confession to make.

Have a great summer and like always, happy reading!

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