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Travelling With Babies And Toddlers

Travelling as a couple Despite my husband’s Aerophobia (that’s fear of flying) we absolutely love travelling. Throughout our twenties, before getting married and adapting to travelling with babies and toddlers, we made sure to travel as much as work and finances would allow.  During this time we went on a number of cruises and really enjoyed what they had to offer.  We found that cruising allows you to experience a snapshot of what a place is like.  If you like a place then you can plan a fuller holiday just to properly explore that city or town at a future date. Taking our first trip to the USA in 2007, our love for crossing the pond was firmly cemented. We found that New York City was soon becoming a very special place for us.  Dani proposing in Times Square. Spending part of our honeymoon exploring NYC as a local. And, perhaps most importantly, discovering that I was expecting our first child, Evan. NYC really holds some wonderful memories for us. Travelling with Babies and Toddlers – Learning to Adapt Once Evan was born we were dead set on continuing with our travels.  We knew we needed to instill in our children a love for travel and exploring new places and cultures.  Our first opportunity of travelling with babies and toddlers was when Evan was just three months old when we drove to Malaga and took the fast train to Madrid.  Boy was this an eye-opener. Just a few months to a year before Evan’s birth we regularly made last minute decisions to travel to Madrid as train prices were (at the time!) quite affordable. We could be in the Spanish capital in around 4 hours meaning we could quite easily travel on a Friday afternoon after finishing work.  When we did this we would literally just throw some clothes, make up and toiletries in an overnight bag, grab our passports, bank cards and some euros and get going.  Must Haves When Travelling With A Baby We soon discovered however that travelling with babies and toddlers is akin to planning a military operation!  We needed to make sure that we had everything that Evan could possibly need. The list seemed to be endless: The trip went well and whilst Evan obviously won’t remember his first travel experience it allowed us, as first time parents, an opportunity to learn how to adapt our travelling around the needs of our child. Soon after, we got to planning a holiday a bit further afield.  We decided to take our first flight with a baby!  Tips When Flying with a baby Travelling from Malaga to Mallorca, the flight was a short one. Again, this was the perfect way to ease us into the changes that need to be made when travelling with babies and toddlers. We were lucky enough to be sat on the front row of the plane which made trying to get Evan to sleep a little easier as the only way he would fall asleep at the time was if we held him and rocked him to sleep.  Had it been available at the time I think I would have certainly purchased a Baby Must carrier as it has five different carrying positions including a side cuddle option which would have made getting Evan off to sleep a whole lot easier.  It also has plenty of storage allowing you can keep nappies/diapers and wipes in the large storage bag, keys/phone/cards in the two side zipper pockets and milk bottle/water bottle into two breathable mesh pockets. The loop also allows you to safely clip a small toy or dummy/pacifier. If you are travelling long distance then I would also recommend booking the front row seats and reserving a bassinet prior to travel. This will allow your little one to rest much more easily and allow you a little more freedom too.  Feeding them during take off and landing will also help them adjust by soothing their ears when changing altitude. I remember feeling nervous and anxious about how other passengers were feeling especially when Evan was unable to fall asleep quickly and was crying loudly. But I soon realised that was their problem not mine and not yours either if you are flying with your little one!  If you are travelling with a baby you have enough to deal with to add worrying about others to your list.  Whilst most passengers will be totally understanding about a cranky baby, remember that your baby has the same right as anyone else to be on that flight. If you still feel too anxious about how others might feel, you may want to put together a little goodie bag for those sitting around you as a sort of sweetener for any possible disruption your little one’s behaviour might cause them.  Speaking of bags make sure that you have everything that you could possibly need to care for your little one to hand at all times.  Nappies/diapers, wipes and nappy/diaper bags, medication, decanted formula should all be kept close at hand during your flight. If your baby prefers liquid formula be sure to check out the travel restrictions prior to travel although most airports will allow you to take enough baby food, sterilised water, prepared baby milk and expressed breast milk for the journey. Stackable containers are super convenient for decanting baby formula and, once your kids grow out of the formula stage and you are travelling with toddlers they will be the perfect size to hold different treats such as raisins, sweets, mini cookies etc. Be sure to pack spare dummies/pacifiers and a travel sanitizer which clips on to your bag or buggy to quickly and safely sterilise your little ones dummy/pacifier whilst on the move.  This could also simultaneously save your sanity!  Lastly, do not forget to keep any comfort toys that your little one absolutely cannot be without within easy reach during your journey. Travelling with babies – too much hard work? It

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