Granny’s Famous Apple Pie

I remember sitting around the table as a little girl whilst my granny made her famous apple tart. However, as a young child I never actually tried it!! That was a BIG mistake! But, I would make up for my late appreciation of her delectable apple pie years later. And, because it’s just too good not to share, I decided to include her recipe on our website. You will never try a more delicious apple pie than my granny’s famous apple pie! My cousin, however, discovered the deliciousness of my gran’s apple pie at a young age. And apple pie was inevitably on the menu when my cousins came to my granny’s house for tea. In fact, my gran would make a pie for Desiree and one for everyone else! At parties too, her pie was always the most anticipated treat. She however always claimed that it was nothing special. At 94 my gran no longer cooks or bakes. Luckily she shared her recipe with me and I am now able to replicate her delicious apple tart for my children. So Delicious! Granny’s Famous apple pie is delicious served warm, on its own or with custard, or cold with a good quality vanilla ice cream. Be sure to check out our other delicious recipes in our food section. If you enjoyed this, please give us a share Related Articles You Might Enjoy:

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