July 2023 - Book Wrap-Up

July 2023 – Book Wrap-Up

July was a good reading month with eight books read. Not only that but I was also spoiled with a certain fantasy book that will go down on my list of best reads of 2023. I hope you enjoy this July 2023 book wrap-up. Fantasy readers, you are in for a treat. Let’s get to it then. Fourth Wing – Rebecca Yarros – Fantasy Fiction/New Adult Book of The Month Violet Sorrengail is twenty years old and supposed to enter the Scribe Quadrant. However, her mother has other plans. Dragging her away from what she loves most, books, history and a quiet life, Violet now finds herself ordered to join hundreds of candidates striving to become the elite of Navarre. Dragon riders. The fact that she suffers from a chronic illness and that she is smaller than most does not go well in her favour. After all, dragons don’t bond to fragile humans. In fact, they incinerate them.  Violet will need to overcome challenge after challenge and dig deep into a well of courage she didn’t know she possessed.  Alliances will be forged, lives will be lost and traitors will become allies. It’s either graduate or die! My Review This book…….. tore my heart out, took it on a wild ride and then went ahead and ate it for dinner!! A super hyped book if there ever was one. My social media feeds have been swamped with reels on Fourth Wing bringing on some reluctance about reading it. After all, had it not lived up to the hype, I would have been the odd one out. Luckily that wasn’t the case. So, during my time away in July, I decided to dive in. I am not exaggerating when I say I didn’t come up for air until I finished reading it. The pages kept turning as if by magic, either that or an obsessive need on my behalf to find out how the story ends. Fourth Wing is packed with all the elements of a great fantasy read. Magic, dragons, non-stop action, enemies to lovers, and my favourite part, a fantastic female heroine, full of flaws but brimming with badassery! Did I mention the dragons??? Cleverly Written Characters: The main character, Violet, is one of the best-written characters I have ever come across. She is a young woman with good intentions, trying hard to not let the ruthlessness of the world she lives in change her. Violet comes across as funny and witty, but her greatest asset is her bravery, her inner strength and her endless determination to persevere. Yarrow wrote a character suffering from a chronic illness, and in doing so showed us what real strength is all about.  And then we have Xaden. Again, a character with depth and then some. The author shows us the obvious strong exterior, and yet beautifully guides us to understand his character on a much deeper level. Without giving too much away to potential readers, his character development throughout the book is what I live for as a reader.  The world-building, the magic system and the relationships between a diverse group of young people were in my opinion, exceptionally written. It captured my attention from the very start, plunging me headfirst into a seamlessly created world. And then there’s the dragons! Never have I loved dragons so fiercely since the days when my main obsession was A Song Of Fire And Ice by George R Martin, otherwise known as Game Of Thrones to the TV show fans.  My One Criticism It’s a tiny one, but it bothered me. There is a certain villain, who from the very start, just hates Violet with a passion.  And whilst the author made it really easy for me to dislike him from the get-go, I wish there would have been more depth to his character. Then again maybe he was just supposed to come across as a psycho, in which case, job well done Yarros!  It’s worth pointing out that, even if he came across as the main evil in the story, it isn’t so. The villains have a more subtle role in this book. A particular much-loved character took a turn to the dark side towards the end of the book. Whilst I spent a good part of the story rooting for him/her (no spoilers here), by the end I wanted to strangle him/her!  Conclusion The ending destroyed me. My friend Kat (who may I add gave up precious hours of sleep whilst obsessing about it too) has in her possession a few distraught selfies of me crying. Yes, I cried the ugly, my heart hurts, the author sucks, cry. I am not ashamed, the heartbreak was real. I felt the same way when a certain Harry Potter character met his untimely death. My point is, if an author can make me feel a loss in such a capacity, then that author has automatically made it to my list of automatic buys. This means, no matter what Yarros writes next, I will be reading it.  And then there is the final plot twist. All I will say is that it has perfectly set the tone for the second instalment, coming to us in November 2023. All hell will break loose and I for one cannot wait to immerse myself once again in this ruthless world and its characters. An epic fantasy story beautifully crafted by Rebecca Yarros.  For more on Rebecca Yarros books, check out her website. The Curfew – T.M Logan – Thriller/Mystery Andy and Laura are great parents. Their son Connor asks if he can go out with his friends to celebrate completing his exams. They agree to let him go with the condition that he must be home by midnight. But then Connor misses his curfew, setting off a series of events that When will change the lives of five families forever. Five teenagers went into the woods that night, however, only four came out. Telling the truth might mean losing

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