Best Grilled Sandwich Lunch Ideas

As a student, a grilled cheese sandwich would often form the basis of a dinner or lunch in front of the TV.   Unsurprising really as grilled sandwiches are incredibly easy to make, requiring just a few simple ingredients and a specialised hot pan,  non-stick griddle pan or sandwich press. There’s also something undeniably comforting […]

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Malaga's magical Christmas lights

Malaga’s Magical Christmas Lights

As December unfolds, Malaga transforms into a winter wonderland with the dazzling Christmas lights adorning the city.  With its wonderful Christmas atmosphere, a visit to Malaga to see the spectacular light show is a must do for our family.  In this blog we explore Malaga’s Magical Christmas Lights. As an Amazon Associate, we earn a

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Fighting Obesity In Children

Fighting Obesity In Children

World Obesity Day is a day to raise awareness about the global obesity epidemic and to promote action to address this growing health crisis.  Obesity in children is a growing concern worldwide.  It is a major public health issue that can have serious long-term consequences for children’s health and well-being. In this blog we will

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