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Spring Cleaning: Your Ultimate Guide

Cleaning is a CHORE AND A BORE, right?   It is one of my most despised things and thinking about cleaning will surely get me in a bad mood.  That being said, nothing beats finally sitting down to watch a movie or read a book in a clean and tidy living room. Spring Cleaning Now, there is cleaning and then there is spring cleaning, an annual or six-monthly deep cleaning and decluttering session.  Basically, the mother of all cleaning sessions!  When Should I Spring Clean? In our house, this usually happens with the change of seasons.  Once from winter to spring and then again from summer to autumn.  For me, this is the best time as it is also when I look through all of our wardrobes to see what still fits, what clothes will be needed for the season ahead etc.  Once I start on this exercise, decluttering as I go, I feel the need to do the same in all other rooms.  I’m always surprised by how quickly we accumulate junk and clutter!!! Why Should I Spring Clean? I find the spring session especially important.  Evan suffers from bronchial asthma and this is usually at its worst during the spring months.  As such, I want to ensure that I remove as many allergens as possible from the house. As it does with Evan, spring cleaning can improve your physical health.  Dust, dirt and other allergens accumulate in your home over the winter months and these can aggravate allergies and cause respiratory problems.  What Needs To Be Done? Cleaning can feel daunting.  Like there is a mountain of things to get done.  Changing the bedding.  Washing, ironing and then putting it all away. Cleaning all the rooms.  Not to mention the other home activities which need to get done at the same time – cooking, homework… Then we want some time for self-care – meditations, exercise, walks.  Are there even enough hours in the day for all this?!? Make A Plan The key to not getting overwhelmed is to make a plan and break things down.  Take one room at a time and don’t try to do everything on the same day.  Start Small You want to enjoy the health benefits of a clean and decluttered house but you are not going to get this if you are raging like a lunatic (been there done that!) because you have stormed into every room like hurricane Katrina attempting to tackle all areas at once.  All this will do is leave a great big mess in every single room which will make you feel like you will never get things done! Declutter First Before you even attempt cleaning you need to declutter.  This can be a difficult exercise especially if you do not plan ahead.  Isn’t it annoying to come to the end of your decluttering only to then find something else which needs to go in your carefully organised drawer which now doesn’t fit?  Don’t panic, we’ve already got this section of your spring cleaning covered.  Check out our top tips for decluttering. By planning ahead you will avoid finding yourself with art supplies in about four different cabinets and drawers at home.  You’d honestly think that we have budding Picassos at home.  The truth however is that these art supplies are getting used less and less as the kids grow up. I just can’t bring myself to throw them out though but perhaps this should be an area where I should look at invoking the The KonMari Method. What is The KonMari Method you say? Developed by Marie Kondo The KonMari Method is an alternative method to the traditional organising by room.  Instead, this method encourages you to tackle decluttering by sections rather than by room and to give away any item which no longer gives you joy. Starting off with clothing and then moving on to books and papers.  Once all of this is organised, you can move on to miscellaneous items and finally sentimental items.  The miscellaneous and sentimental items are my most hated sections.  I mean, where has all this stuff come from and what am I going to do with it?!?!  But, at the same time with the sentimental stuff, my baby made this picture in nursery, how can I get rid of that?!?! Decisions, decisions, and hard ones at that! The good thing is that by breaking things down in this manner and seeing exactly what you have in all rooms for each category.  This will enable you to develop a better organisation system which may in turn free some extra space so that you don’t need to be ruthless with those sentimental items. Moving on to Cleaning Whichever method you choose to start with, once you have decluttered, you will be able to tackle the deep cleaning.  Again, the key here is to have a plan and work in small, manageable sections. Kitchen Once you have decluttered the worktops, start from top to bottom so that you are not knocking dust and dirt down to already cleaned surfaces.  That being said, even before tackling the first job, now is the time to spray your oven with any oven cleaner.  Be sure to also remove oven racks and trays and soak them with a product such as Oven Pride (again, no commissions paid!).  This ensures that the products start working whilst you tackle the rest of the kitchen.  If you have a self-cleaning oven (life saver!!) now’s the time you should switch this on.  Tops of The Cabinets Once you have got started prepping the oven, you want to tackle the tops of your cabinets which are likely to have accumulated grease as this is not an area which is generally cleaned on a regular basis.   Firstly, dust or vacuum the top.  Spray with degreaser spray and leave to work for a few minutes whilst you tackle the next job.  We will come back to this task shortly Light Fittings Next clean

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