A Perfect Valentine’s Day Tea

Sometimes the hype surrounding Valentine’s Day can be a little bit overwhelming.  I for one have not been out for a Valentine’s Day dinner…ever I think.  All too often I find that on days like Valentine’s Day there are overpriced set menus and too much “keeping up with the Jones’”.  I prefer a quiet evening […]

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No-Bake Cheesecake v Baked – The Battle of the Cheesecakes

As you know doubt know by now if you are a frequent reader of our blogs, I have a helluva sweet tooth.  Giving up desserts is an absolute no no but, who feels like baking in this heat?  No one I imagine, but, when there are so many no-bake desserts available, especially the delectable no-bake

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Mum’s Amazing Overnight Oats

My mum introduced me to her amazing overnight oats a couple of years ago.  She was having some refurbishment work done at home and was staying at ours for a while.  Perfect time to pick her brains on cooking.  I mean, there’s nothing quite like mum or gran’s cooking is there? Overnight oats have been

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