Spring Home Decor Ideas

Creating a home that reflects the changing seasons doesn’t have to be an extravagant undertaking. In fact, infusing your living spaces with simple, elegant, and affordable accents can seamlessly transition your home from one season to the next. As we usher in the spirit of spring we start thinking about Spring Cleaning and redecorating.  In this blog, we’ll explore how you can elevate your home decor on a room-by-room basis. From the living room to the bathroom, discover easy yet sophisticated ways to embrace the essence of each season, starting with the charm of Easter. Our Spring home decor ideas allow for seasonal transformations that breathe new life into your home without breaking the bank.

Spring Home Decor Ideas

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Living Room

Pastel Palette: Infuse your living space with the soft hues of spring. Incorporate pastel-colored throwscushions, and create a captivating centerpiece using a tiered tray, filled with wooden spring accents, vibrant eggsgreenery and artwork.

Spring Home Decor Ideas
  1. Blush Pink  Emma Barclay Waffle Throw   
  2. Duck Egg Waffle Throw
  3. Soft Faux Fur Throw
  4. Easter Bunny Cushion Pillow Covers
  5. Hello Spring Farmhouse Pillow Covers
  6. Spring Botanical Floral Butterfly Cushion Cover
  7. 16 Pcs Spring Flower Tiered Tray Decor Set
  8. Resin Easter Eggs Decor
  9. Distressed Wood 2-Tier Tray with Metal Handle
  10. Wood Bead Garland and 10pcs Eucalyptus Stems
  11. Spring Wood Block Plaque Box Sign

Dining Room

Spring Table Settings: Opt for a charming tablecloth adorned with bunnies or floral patterns. Use pastel-coloured table runnerscoasters and placemats and a colourful and elegant faux flowers centerpiece for a delightful dining experience.

Spring Home Decor Ideas


Transform your kitchen into a festive haven by decorating worktops with garlands and pastel kitchen towels.  Up your game further by setting up a dedicated baking station with Easter-themed  cookie jars filled with  cookie cutters, mini eggs,  and peeps.


Spring Bedding: Swap out winter bedding for lighter, spring-themed options. Floral patterns and pastel-colored sheets can instantly create a cozy Easter atmosphere.  Incorporate subtle bunny-themed decor like throw pillows or bedside table figurines to add a playful touch to your bedroom.  Use  decoupage to decorate these unfinished wood bunnies into your preferred style.  


Introduce pastel towel bales and bath mats to add a festive touch to your bathroom and choose diffusers with fruity and floral tones to emulate the smells of spring in your home. 

Happy Decorating

Remember, the key is to incorporate subtle Easter elements into each room to maintain a cohesive and elegant overall decor theme. Happy decorating!

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