School’s Out! Now What?!?

Summer is a season filled with endless possibilities and opportunities for adventure. Whether you’re looking to soak up the sun, explore new places, or simply relax and unwind, creating a summer bucket list can help you make the most of these warm and sunny months. In our blog:  School’s Out! What Now What?!? we’ll explore whether you should think about drawing up a summer bucket list.  We will provide tips for creating your own personalised list of activities and experiences to enjoy before the season comes to an end. 

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Why Create a Summer Bucket List?

  1. Make Memories Summer is a time for creating cherished memories with friends and family. A bucket list provides a roadmap for making the most of your time together and ensures that you’ll have plenty of stories to share for years to come.
  2. Try New Things: Summer offers the perfect opportunity to step out of your comfort zone and try new experiences. Whether it’s learning a new water sport, taking a cooking class, or attending an outdoor concert, a bucket list encourages you to embrace adventure and expand your horizons.
  3. Stay Motivated: Having a list of goals and activities to accomplish can help keep you motivated and inspired throughout the summer months. It gives you something to look forward to and encourages you to make the most of your free time.
  4. Appreciate the Season: Summer is fleeting, and it’s easy to let it slip away without taking full advantage of all it has to offer. A bucket list encourages you to slow down, savour the moment, and appreciate the beauty of the season.

Tips for Creating Your Summer Bucket List:

  1. Brainstorm Ideas: Sit down as a family and brainstorm a list of activities and experiences that you’d like to accomplish during the summer. Consider things you’ve always wanted to try, places you’ve been meaning to visit, and activities that bring you joy and fulfilment.
  2. Set Realistic Goals: While it’s important to dream big, it’s also essential to set realistic goals that are achievable within the time frame of the summer season. Break down larger goals into smaller, manageable tasks to help you stay on track.
  3. Mix It Up: Variety is the spice of life, so be sure to include a mix of activities on your bucket list. Include outdoor adventures, cultural experiences, creative pursuits, and moments of relaxation to ensure a well-rounded summer.
  4. Prioritise Your List: Once you’ve brainstormed a list of ideas, prioritise them based on your interests, time constraints, and budget. Identify the activities that are most important to you and focus your energy on making those a priority.
  5. Be Flexible: While it’s great to have a plan, it’s also important to be flexible and open to spontaneous opportunities that may arise throughout the summer. Don’t be afraid to deviate from your list if something unexpected and exciting comes your way.

Summer Bucket List Suggestions

At Home

  • Have a movie marathon with homemade popcorn.
  • Build a fort or a blanket fort indoors.
  • Have a family game night with board games or card games.
  • Bake cookies  or cupcakes together.
  • Plant a small garden or window box.
  • Make homemade ice cream or popsicles.
  • Make homemade pizza  together.
  • Have a family dance party, karaoke night or talent show.
  • Have a themed dress-up day.
  • Create a family art project or craft.
  • Do yoga or stretching exercises together.
  • Have a family talent show.
  • Make tie-dye shirts or socks.
  • Have a DIY science experiment day.
  • Have a family photo shoot.
  • Have a storytelling night where each family member shares a story.
  • Have a DIY spa day with homemade face masks and nail painting.
  • Have a family painting session.
  • Make homemade playdough or slime.
  • Have a DIY fashion show with clothes from the dress-up box.
  • Have a family cooking competition.
  • Have a family book club and read a book together.
  • Make friendship bracelets or keychains.
  • Make lemonade

Outdoor Activities

  • Go for a nature walk and collect interesting rocks or leaves.
  • Have a scavenger hunt in the neighbourhood.
  • Create sidewalk chalk art.
  • Have a family bike ride.
  • Have a backyard campout with a tent.
  • Have a lemonade stand
  • Have a water balloon fight.
  • Make homemade bird feeders and watch birds.
  • Play mini-golf or frisbee golf at a local park.
  • Have a BBQ with friends and family.
  • Go fishing.
  • Have a family field day with sack races, three-legged races, and more.
  • Visit a local botanical garden or arboretum.
  • Have a movie night under the stars with a projector.
  • Create a time capsule and bury it in the backyard.
  • Visit a local playground and play on the swings and slides.
  • Go on a family camping trip and roast marshmallows over a campfire.
  • Have a picnic
  • Build sandcastles at the beach or in a sandbox
  • Take part in water activities such as canoeing, SUP boarding, surfing, swimming or snorkeling

Days Out

  • Visit a local library and participate in story time or crafts.
  • Visit a museum,  art gallery or zoo 
  • Visit a nearby nature reserve or wildlife sanctuary.
  • Visit a local aquarium or science centre.
  • Visit a water park
  • Visit a theme park or fair

Whether you choose to create a bucket list or not, we hope our suggestions will give you some exciting ideas of things to do with your little ones to make sure you have an unforgettable summer.

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