Random Acts Of Kindness

Today is Random Acts of Kindness Day.  I discovered this concept years back when Evan was about six or seven years old.  A good friend and former work colleague introduced me to a group called ARK.  ARK stood for Acts of Random Kindness and the group encouraged children to help others.  What a beautiful idea to instill in our children right?

What Is A Random Act of Kindness?

Random acts of kindness are small, selfless acts but these acts can have a big impact on the recipient.  They also help to spread positivity throughout a community.

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Random Acts of Kindness Day

Examples of random acts of kindness include:

  • Paying for someone’s meal or coffee
  • Holding the door open for someone
  • Offering to help carry groceries or bags
  • Sending a thoughtful note or message to someone
  • Donating to a charity or cause
  • Volunteering time at a local organization
  • Picking up litter at a local beach or park
  • Giving a stranger a compliment
  • Donating gifts to the local children’s hospital
  • Walking a neighbour’s dog
  • Doing a favour for someone without asking for anything in return
  • Bringing sweet treats to your co-workers 
  • Leaving your waiter a generous tip
  • Sending your friend a list of all the things you love about them
  • Leaving notes with uplifting mantras in public places
  • Leaving positivity stones
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Simple Acts Big Impact

These acts of kindness don’t require much effort, spending or resources but can make a big difference in someone’s day. It’s important to remember that every act of kindness, no matter how small, can have a ripple effect and inspire others to be kind as well.

Spread Positivity Not Negativity

There is so much negativity and doom and gloom in the world so why not take a moment to bring some positivity, love and happiness?  You never know what the person next to you in the supermarket is going through and perhaps a compliment or a homemade mantra card will really make their day.  Subscribe to our mailing list for free printable positivity mantras and spread some joy in your community today, or better still, any day.  Remember, you don’t need to wait until an official holiday to spread positivity.  If we all tried a little harder to make someone smile the world would be a much happier place.

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