How To Read More Books: Bookworm 101

Would you love to dive into the magical world of books and become an avid reader? Whether you are a complete beginner or looking to rekindle your reading habit, we’ve got you covered! Reading isn’t just a hobby. It’s a delightful journey of the mind. My love of books is as strong as my need for oxygen, and I would love to be able to convince you, dear reader, to share that love. If you want to become a bookworm and learn how to read more books, then keep reading (no pun intended). Let’s explore the benefits of reading and tips on how to read more.

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Benefits Of Reading

  • Mental Stimulation: Reading is like a workout for your brain, keeping it active and engaged. It requires your mind to focus, comprehend, and process information which can improve cognitive function and mental agility. 
  • Knowledge Expansion:  Every book is a gateway to new information, ideas and perspectives. Reading will expose you to a well of knowledge, helping you become more informed and well-rounded. 
  • Stress Reduction: Reading has a soothing effect on the mind. Immersing yourself in a good book can provide an escape from the stresses of daily life. Reading promotes relaxation and a reduction in stress levels. 
  • Enhanced Vocabulary: Reading introduces you to a wide range of words and phrases, expanding your vocabulary. This not only improves your communication skills but also boosts your confidence in expressing yourself. 
  • A Great Source Of Entertainment: Reading is a source of entertainment like no other. A catalyst for the imagination. A great book will transport you to different worlds, introduce you to fascinating characters, and allow you to experience a wide range of emotions, all within the pages of a book. 

My Love Of Books

Do you know how certain people are known for a particular trait? Like the person who loves cooking or baking, therefore, every Christmas most of the gifts they receive are cooking-related. Or the car aficionado, who watches all car-related documentaries on TV, or only shares posts about cars on their social media account? There are also those like my husband who loves anything having to do with sports. David loves flicking from one channel to the next, from golf to rugby, to football, to Formula 1. You name it, he knows the scores, he has an opinion. 

I am known for my reading obsession. True enough these days I don’t read as much as I used to. Especially since starting this lifestyle blog. However, I still manage to read more than your average Joe. Friends tend to ask me, ‘How do you manage to read so much?’  For starters, my love of reading is my main driving force. It’s this thirst for stories and faraway lands that motivates me to make time every day for reading. A passion that has burned within me since my childhood days. As an adult, it has become a part of my self-care routine. A way to unwind and disconnect from the mundane.

Spicing It Up

Whilst fantasy books have always been my preferred genre, I have recently expanded my horizons and delved into contemporary fiction, thrillers, historical fiction, and the biggest surprise of them all……romance. This particular genre was one I would avoid at all costs during my twenties and early thirties. I suppose you could say I had lost faith in anything romance-related. All it would accomplish was a significant eye roll. Alas, bang into the middle of my forties, I’ve developed a love for the romance genre. Could it be related to my current personal relationship situation? Maybe! Maybe my husband has worked his magic, making me believe once again in happily ever afters.

How To Read More

Anyway to the topic at hand. On more than one occasion I have been approached and asked, ‘I would love to read more. How would I go about that?’ I, on the one hand, feel elated that they would come to me for advice. Being an avid reader is not a bad reputation to have I say. The same goes for the never-ending messages asking for recommendations on what to read next. I think it’s fabulous that someone would trust my judgment with their reading TBR. I have a few friends, (one in particular who might go by the name of Kat lol) who actually beg me to NOT recommend any more books because their TBR has grown exponentially and they are afraid they won’t have time in this lifetime to read them all.

A sentiment shared by all proud bookworms I’m afraid. So many incredible books, yet so little time.

So I’ve put together a collection of suggestions that, in my experience, can be quite beneficial if you’re aiming to read more books. Occasionally, I find myself implementing a few of these, with the ‘Stay Away From Social Media’ tip being particularly effective for me.

So without further ado, let’s get to this list then – Bookworm 101: How to read more books:

1. Always Carry A Book With You – Or A Kindle 

I mean, it might sound silly and for some, an obvious tip, but it really does put you ahead in your reading marathon. If, like myself, you always carry your Kindle in your bag, you will find that on those occasions when you are waiting in line, instead of checking Facebook reels on your phone, taking out your Kindle and reading is a much better option.

It comes in pretty handy when I’m waiting for my dentist or doctor’s appointment, or when I’m in the frontier queue to cross from Gibraltar to Spain or vice versa. I kid you not, sometimes those queues can drag on for an hour if you are lucky. So what better way than to get some reading done? 

Last week waiting to be seen by my doctor, and catching up on my reading!

Do you have a friend who is always late? (Or maybe you are the friend who is always late, hey I’m not judging) Well, I happen to have a few, so again……I might manage only a few pages, but that’s still progress.

2. Squeeze In Some Reading Time In The Morning Or Before Bed

Yes I know, morning reading seems like an overwhelming hurdle. Unnecessary stress. However, I always manage half an hour every morning. I have a great morning routine which means I wake up extra early, enjoy some me time, and get some reading done, among other things. 

However, most of my reading is done at night. Which can be a good thing, or not depends on how good the book is and how much you value sleep. I have been known to keep turning the pages when really immersed in a story. Which results in feeling extra tired when the morning rolls around, but hey, sometimes it is totally worth it. 

Reading just before bed is a better option than scrolling through social media. Trust me. It allows you to switch off and relax, instead of filling your mind with useless information. I can guarantee you will enjoy better sleep quality if you read instead of overstimulating your mind with social media. 

3. Detox From Social Media

Back to this. I am a big advocate of detoxing from the constant noise that social platforms provide us with. Not to mention, it is a continuous trigger for those of us suffering from anxiety.

In the past, I have gone months without checking my social media accounts, and I have been all the happier for it. However, now that I have this blog in my life, it becomes difficult to completely switch off. But if I make a conscious effort, I can cut down, and put my time to better use. For example, reading or lately, writing. 

4. Download A Reading Tracker

Some readers don’t like keeping track of the books they read or how many they read. They take pleasure in reading and that’s it. However, I am not one of those readers. The thought of challenging myself at the beginning of the year to read a certain amount of books provides me with the drive I need to dive into those beautiful books on my TBR.

Apps like Goodreads or Bookmory, provide you with all the tools to keep track of the books you read, plus you can rate them, review them and join a vast community of readers from all parts of the world. 

5. Keep A Reading Journal

This is a fun way to keep track of your reading lists. Jot down your thoughts, favourite quotes, and insights from the books you have read. It’s a great way to deepen your connection to the reading material too. 

6. Set Aside Reading Time

If morning reading is too overwhelming and you are too tired for bedtime reading, then I suggest setting aside reading time during your day. One option is reading whilst you are eating your main meal of the day. If you are at work, I suppose you can do that too. However, if you are at home like me during lunchtime, then instead of eating and watching Netflix, why not read instead. Remember, even if you only manage to read four or five pages, it still is better than nothing. 

7. Read Short Books

Read short books. It’s an effective way to read more books. When I am overwhelmed with stuff happening in my life, I will always opt for a short read. The story tends to be easy to digest and straight to the point. It’s a great way to get into reading. 800-page books intimate even the best of us. I have lost count of how many times I have put off reading a certain book because of the size of it and the commitment it requires. Don’t stress, baby steps. Short stories are the way to go. 

The last short book I read was The Bookstore Sisters by Alice Hoffman. It was short and sweet and straight to the point, and exactly what I needed.

8. Sign Up To Your Local Library

Funny I should recommend this, because I have never been to the library, unless you count those library lessons whilst in school. However, a good way to read more, if financially you cannot afford to buy books, is to get yourself a library card. Sometimes you might have to wait a while for a certain popular book, but at least the option is there should you want it. Plus, being surrounded by books is always an awesome experience. 

9. Don’t Stick To The Same Genre

It’s hard to experiment with different genres if what you like is murder mysteries, but from experience, I can say that once you have read 100 books from the same genre, you have kind of read them all. For example, if I read too many epic fantasies one after the other, stories start to merge and I will undoubtedly get bored. So whilst it’s the genre I read the most, I will always opt to fit in the random romcom or historical fiction. It’s a great way to keep it interesting and diverse. 

10. Don’t Be Afraid To DNF – (Did Not Finish)

Seriously now, life is too short and there are too many good books out there to read. Don’t force yourself through a book that does not bring you joy. If the book you are reading does not resonate with you, that’s perfectly okay. Personally, I find it hard to DNF, but I have done so in the past with books that did not capture my interest after a fair chance. 

So don’t waste your time, if you are not enjoying it, put it aside and move on to the next book. 

11. Join A Book Club

Book clubs are like social support groups for readers. Whilst I don’t belong to any particular book club, other than a close group of book friends, who share my love of reading, I still think book clubs are a great way to connect with fellow bookworms.  

Joining a book club will open up the doors to amazing recommendations, whilst providing you with the opportunity to meet new people. 

12. Read Every Single Day

Regardless of whether it’s twenty pages or two, make sure you read every day. Reading is like anything else in our lives, a habit. If you are not naturally inclined to pick up a book but want to read more, then make sure you read every day. Make it part of your routine. Even five minutes can make a difference. At the end of the day, we are not in a race to see who reads the most books in a year. Reading is meant to produce feelings of joy and contentment. So if you have never read a book in your life and this year you manage to read two or three, then that, in my eyes, is a win. 

Final Thoughts

Becoming an avid reader is a journey, not a race. Remember, there’s no right or wrong way to embark on this adventure. So, pick up a book that intrigues you, find your reading groove, and savour the magic of storytelling. You won’t regret it, I promise you!

Happy reading


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