Home Safety Tips Whilst Travelling

With summer now upon us, many of us are eagerly planning our vacations and getaways.  No doubt, it is a time to relax, explore new destinations and make wonderful memories with loved ones.  But, it is also important that we do not forget about the importance of protecting our homes whilst we are away.

By taking a few precautionary measures you will be able to enjoy your time away without worrying about the safety and security of your home. Here are some valuable home safety tips to help you keep your home and possessions safe this summer:

Inform Someone Of Your Plans

Before you leave, inform a reliable neighbour, family member or friend about your travel plans. This way they will be able to collect your mail and report any suspicious activity in your home to the authorities.

Be sure to also provide them with contact information for a key holder who will be able to assist should there be any emergencies such as a burst water heater.

Secure All Entry Points

Make sure that all doors, windows and gates are securely locked before you leave.  You may also wish to consider installing smart security systems and motion sensors to enhance the protection of your home.

Do not forget to trim overgrown bushes or trees which can provide intruders with cover. 

Install Timers

Using timers for indoor and outdoor lights as well as television and radios at different times of the day will create the illusion that someone is home.  This can be a deterrent for potential burglars looking for empty homes.

Avoid Telling The World About Your Plans!

Be careful with what information you post on social media.  Whilst it is tempting to share your pre-holiday excitement you should avoid posting about your trip in real time.  Save the sharing for when you return so as to avoid announcing your absence to potential burglars.

Suspend Deliveries

If you are going to be away for a considerable time and don’t have anyone who can collect your mail or parcels, be sure to suspend regular deliveries.  Accumulated mail or packages on your doorstep is a clear indication to thieves that a home is empty.

Unplug Non-Essential Electronics

To prevent electrical fires and save energy, unplug all non-essential electronics such as computers and kitchen appliances.  Do not disconnect appliances which are on timers such as the TV or radio.

Keep Valuables In A Safe Place

Store your valuables such as jewellery and important documents in a safe or a safety deposit box.  This way, even if someone does gain access to your home, your most precious belongings will remain protected.

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Home Safety Tips – Keep valuables secured in a home safe whilst travelling

Inform Local Authorities

In some areas, you can inform the local police or community watch such as Neighbourhood Watch about your absence.  By doing this they may increase patrols in your area during this time.

Relax And Enjoy Your Time Away

Taking these precautions will provide you with peace of mind and allow you to have a fantastic summer holiday. 

If you are still not sure about what to do this summer, check out some of our travel posts. Our all-time favourite holiday to date has to be Yosemite National Park. Be sure to check out our post here. Happy Travels!

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