The Havening Technique

What is the Havening technique?

Havening involves a distinctive self-soothing motion with crossed arms, gently but noticeable stroking from shoulders to elbows, so it appears as if the person is hugging themself.

The Havening Technique
The Havening Technique

What are the benefits of Havening?

Havening is known to reduce anxiety, stress and discomfort, whilst promoting well-being.

The mind is like water.  When it’s turbulent, it’s difficult to see.

When it’s calm, everything becomes clear !!

1.  Sit comfortably in a quiet, safe space where you will not be disturbed and place both your feet flat on the floor. Place your hands gently on your lap.

2.  Close your eyes.

3.  Take 10 deep breaths…..breathe in deeply, count to 7 as you breathe in….breathe out fully, and count to 11 as you breathe out.  Do this 10 times.  Don’t forget to count! Feel your body and mind relax.

4.  In your mind go to your ‘happy place’. A place where you feel totally safe and happy and joyous and blissful.  Maybe walking on the seashore whilst the sun sets or a field full of beautiful flowers or sitting in a comfortable rocking chair beside an open fireplace or even sitting on the shores of a lake watching the sun’s reflection on its shining calm waters…..keep your eyes closed. Feel the warmth on your face, smell the wonderful aromas around you, listen to the sounds… there! Feel yourself smile!

5.  Feel your body and mind totally relax.

Havening Technique

a.  Continue sitting comfortably and with your eyes closed, cross your arms and start stroking motions from your shoulders to your elbows.  10/15 times. Gently, softly….don’t forget to breathe! Continue by stroking your face, with both hands, from your forehead to your chin, around your hairline. 10/15 times. Gently, softly….breathe! Now continue by stroking the palm of your hands by gently rubbing your hands together.  Gently. 10/15 times.

b.  Whilst you are following these self-soothing motions repeat the following affirmations quietly in your head or out loud if you prefer:

-I love and approve of myself

–  I am worth it

–  I trust that everything is happening perfectly

–  I am grateful for all the blessings in my life

–  I am safe

–  I deserve to have a fulfilling life with no regrets

–  I live in the abundance of all good things

–  I can do anything

–  I am safe, healthy, whole and complete

–  I am at peace

–  I release all fears and doubts

–  I turn every experience into a positive opportunity

–  All is well in my world

–  I am open and receptive to wonderful opportunities

–  I choose to live in the present moment

(add some of your own!)

By now you will be feeling totally relaxed, body and mind, and ready to face any situation!

Always remember, do not fear, do not stress, do not worry about:

1.  Things that you cannot control

2.  Things that have no solution

and my favourite…..

3.  Things that haven’t happened yet !!


About the Author:

Brenda Guilliano is a qualified EFT and Havening Practioner. She has also trained as a counsellor and has many years of counselling under her belt. Brenda runs self-help growth groups where she shares her philosophies in positivity, mindfulness and The Law Of Attraction, helping many to make a positive change in their lives.

Having worked all her life in banking, she now offers corporate management services to private clients. A co-founder of Women’s Aid in Gibraltar in the early 90’s, Brenda continues to be passionate about helping people live their best lives as their best self.

As if the above wasn’t impressive enough, Brenda is also a survivor. She was diagnosed with cancer in 2015. She advocates and truly believes that the power of the mind together with her positive thinking, her gratitude for all things and her love for life were the main contributory factors of her complete recovery.

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