The Top Christmas Books For Your TBR List

Christmas, the season of giving and receiving, making memories, family traditions, and eating tons of delicious food. But also, a time to slow down, watch heartwarming Christmas movies, and read late into the night. Our top Christmas books for your TBR list will have you smiling, laughing, and feeling good throughout the festive season.

Top Christmas Books For Your TBR List
Top Christmas Books For Your TBR List

As a child, Christmas, along with summer, was the only time I was allowed to stay up late reading. I wasn’t allowed to watch TV, but reading was fair game. I have the fondest memories of reading in bed, cosy with a cup of tea. The house was quiet, and I felt as though I was literally in heaven

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The Christmas Bookshop – Jenny Colgan

Top Christmas Books For Your TBR List

Carmen, accustomed to her job at a local department store, faces uncertainty when it shuts down. When her sister, Sofia, proposes an opportunity in Edinburgh—a charming bookshop with a spare room in her house—Carmen hesitates, reluctant to accept help. With limited options, she arrives in the snowy city just a month before Christmas. Unbeknownst to Carmen, the shop is struggling, and she must turn things around before the owner is forced to sell. Sofia doubts a miracle can save the store, but this Christmas, Carmen might just surprise everyone.

The Christmas Bookclub – Sarah Morgan

Top Christmas Books For Your TBR List
Top Christmas Books For Your TBR List

A Lifelong Friendship…… Each year, Erica, Claudia, and Anna come together for their book club holiday. Bound by years of friendship and a profound love for books, they share a connection that goes beyond words…

A delightful Christmas retreat……Meanwhile, in the charming Maple Sugar Inn, Hattie excels at turning her guests’ dreams into reality. However, this Christmas, all she craves is to survive the festive season. Juggling the responsibilities of running the inn and being a single mother, Hattie is on the verge of exhaustion.

The beginning of a brand-new story…? Throughout a week filled with events, Hattie discovers that the friends are harbouring untold truths. Yet, nothing prepares her for how intricately her story will weave into theirs. Will this Christmas mark the conclusion of the book club’s narrative, or will it herald the beginning of an entirely new chapter?

This Christmas – Emma Heatherington

Two strangers. One double-booked cottage. This Christmas promises to be unforgettable…

Rose, who used to love Christmas, retreated from the festive season after a life-changing year. She hasn’t returned home for the holidays since.

Charlie faces his first Christmas alone, a season that’s supposed to be the most wonderful but feels otherwise this year.

Seeking solace and seclusion, Rose escapes to a cottage in rural Donegal to spend the festive season alone.

However, when Charlie opens the door to Seaview Cottage, the two strangers discover their holiday rental has been double-booked.

Anticipating a solitary Christmas, they find an unexpected twist. Their lives may take a profound turn if they decide to share this holiday season together…

One Day In December – Josie Silver

Top Christmas Books For Your TBR List

Laurie is sceptical about love at first sight, dismissing it as a movie fantasy. However, a chance encounter on a misty bus ride changes everything when she locks eyes with a man she believes is “the one.” Unfortunately, the bus drives away, and Laurie thinks she’s lost him forever. To her surprise, he reappears at a party later in the year as her best friend Sarah’s new love. Despite trying to move on, Laurie wonders if fate has different intentions.

Merrily Ever After – Cathy Bramley

Top Christmas Books For Your TBR List
Top Christmas Books For Your TBR List

Merry fulfils her dream of having a family for Christmas by marrying Cole, a father of two. However, as she navigates her growing business, wedding preparations, and her new role as a stepmother, her dream starts to unravel.

Emily eagerly awaits the New Year for a fresh start. Prioritizing her family over her own happiness, she discovers a photo in her father Ray’s possessions that could alter everything when he moves into a residential home.

With past secrets emerging, will this Christmas be a magical memory for Emily and Merry?

That Festive Feeling – Heidi Swan

Top Christmas Books For Your TBR List

House-sitting in Nightingale Square for Christmas, Holly, newly single and uncertain about her career, plans to use the time to make life decisions. 

During her early morning walks, she befriends May, an older lady who is also new to the area, and her dapper Dachshund Monty. A firm friendship quickly blossoms. Then, a chance meeting with the attractive Bear at the local pub adds to the appeal of her stay. 

As the community celebrates the season, Holly must navigate distractions and make important decisions about her future. Will she find the festive feeling this Christmas?

The Christmas Holiday – Philipa Ashley

Top Christmas Books For Your TBR List

Krystle, longing for the warm family Christmases she never had, dedicates herself to creating perfect holidays for others. Her booming festive business leads her to rent a secluded house in the Lakes for the ultimate yuletide getaway. However, fate intervenes with a broken-down car, a flooded river, and Max, a man who dislikes Christmas. Undeterred, Krystle is determined to show Max the joys of the holiday season and melt his Grinch-like heart. Can Max, in turn, reveal that life’s magic often lies in unexpected moments?

The Wedding Christmas Guest – Susan Mallery

Top Christmas Books For Your TBR List

Reggie Somerville reluctantly returns home for her parents’ lavish Christmas wedding a year after being dumped by her fiancé. Facing town gossip, she unexpectedly runs into her first love Toby, stirring up old feelings.

Meanwhile, Reggie’s sister Dena, single and intentionally pregnant, finds herself distracted by a handsome musician checking into her inn. A snow-kissed moment makes her question her Christmas wishes.

As the Christmas wedding approaches, the sisters may discover the most unexpected gift of all – love.

Snowed In For Christmas – Sarah Morgan

Stuck in a snowstorm with the Miller family during Christmas, Lucy Clarke finds herself in an unexpected and somewhat awkward situation. The Millers, comprising Ross, Alice, and Clemmie, have united for the holidays with a shared goal – to keep their individual secrets from prying family members. Lucy, on the other hand, is an uninvited guest facing a solitary Christmas and the potential loss of her job if she fails to secure a crucial business deal with Ross Miller.

Lucy plans to make a quick appearance at the Miller family home in the Scottish Highlands to present her proposal and then make a hasty exit, not wanting to intrude on their presumably perfect family Christmas. However, when she arrives on their snow-covered doorstep, a case of mistaken identity ensues, and she is assumed to be Ross’s girlfriend. Before the confusion is cleared up, a fierce snowstorm traps Lucy with the Millers.

As the snowed-in Christmas unfolds, tensions rise, and the facade of familial perfection begins to crack. Lucy, caught in the midst of the Miller family dynamics, finds herself entangled in a web of secrets and emotions that aren’t her own. The unexpected turn of events leads to a significant family fallout, challenging the notion of a perfect holiday and prompting everyone to confront their truths in the cosy yet tense confines of the snow-covered Highland home.

Countdown To Christmas – Jo Thomas

Top Christmas Books For Your TBR List
Top Christmas Books For Your TBR List

Chloe eagerly anticipates the end of Christmas, planning to ignore the holidays while her son Ruben is with his dad. Her only festive touch is Ruben’s advent calendar. However, a surprising call reveals that Chloe might be the unexpected owner of land in Canada. Initially sceptical, she contemplates the escape it could offer. Encouraged by Ruben’s note in the advent calendar to ‘say yes,’ Chloe’s Christmas takes an unexpected turn. Suddenly, she finds herself counting down to Christmas in a log cabin in a snowy forest, amidst a community concerned for its future, a gruff lumberjack who sparks butterflies, and plenty of pancakes with maple syrup.

Driving Home For Christmas – Joanna Bolouri

As Kate and Ed embark on their traditional Christmas journey home, the usual festive atmosphere is replaced by a frosty silence following a massive argument. The ten-year relationship crumbles, but they decide to endure one last joint family celebration.

With three Christmases to celebrate, an old flame lingering under the mistletoe, and high expectations about their future, the holiday season becomes far from wonderful. Amidst turkey, tiffs, and tantrums, this Christmas promises to be unforgettable, marking the end of an era for Kate and Ed.

The Christmas Love Letters – Sue Moorcroft

Nestled on the Norfolk coast lies Nelson’s Bar, in a timeless village where Maddy Cracey has spent her entire life. Her husband, Adey, left abruptly during an intense argument six years ago and hasn’t returned since. Maddy’s life with her daughter and Great Aunt Ruthie follows a quiet routine until the arrival of Raff, a charming stranger with long-forgotten love letters that unravel family secrets. As Raff and Maddy grow closer, a new love story emerges, but a mysterious message makes Maddy question how distant her own past truly is.

One More Christmas At The Castle – Trisha Ashley

Elderly widow Sabine plans her final Christmas at Mitras Castle, her cherished home. To recreate the festive magic of her childhood, she hires Dido Jones from Heavenly Houseparties. Dido is captivated by the castle and feels a profound connection to it.

As Christmas approaches and Sabine’s family, including Dido’s teenage crush Xan, gathers at the house, tensions escalate about the castle’s future. The falling snow becomes a backdrop for unravelling long-buried mysteries.

The Shite Before Christmas – Serena Terry

One month to go. One stressed mum. Can she pull off the perfect family Christmas?

Tara, like every mum, strives for the perfect Christmas, but chaos ensues with a vaping teen, explosive potty training, a disastrous Nativity, and a distracted husband. The situation escalates when Tara’s glamorous and carefree mother returns for the holidays. Can Tara salvage the holly jolly Christmas she dreams of, or is it a festive catastrophe in the making? This story is both hilarious and heartwarming, capturing the festive spirit.

Final Thoughts

Personally, I will be adding four books from the list above to my TBR. The Christmas Love Letters, The Christmas Holiday, This Christmas and The Christmas Bookshop. I already have a long list of pending reads that I plan to tackle in December, so hopefully, I will be able to read all of these Christmas books before the month is over.

We hope you find the ideal Christmas book from this list. May you also find some precious moments this holiday season to unwind with a good book, accompanied by a comforting cup of tea or coffee, and relish some peaceful downtime!

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